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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Conversation Hearts Are Not Just For Eating

Conversation Hearts and
Valentine's Day Go  Together!

Students love to receive them.
Now, how can you extend their enjoyment into curriculum areas!


First, get a box of conversation hearts for each child.  You might be able to get them on sale after Valentine's Day, too!


  • Estimation: Ask them this question.   
I wonder how many hearts are in your box?  

(Using the words I Wonder takes away the anxious feelings of guessing correctly!)

Students will write their number on a piece of paper in crayon.  After counting the hearts, they can write the correct number in a different color or in pencil. ✏

Graphing:  By counting the hearts this leads right into a graphing activity.  

   Real Graphs:  Make a chart on the board with a range of numbers.  Students will post their box under the number of hearts that was in their box.   Older students can then use this to determine mean, median, and mode.

Real Graphs can be made by sorting the hearts by color.  Students can arrange them on a sheet of paper and then color in the boxes on the graph paper, or just color in a line for the height or length the color of hearts made. Now the graph has become a representative graph. 

     Line up the hearts and measure their hand, finger, desk and anything they have in their desks.   Hearts are a standard size of measurement, since they are all the same size from the factory. 

Language Arts: 

Handwriting:  Copy five of the favorite phrases from the hearts. 

Creative Writing: Have the students write a conversation between two people using the phrases from the hearts. 
    Example:  Ted said, "You're cute!"
                      Nan said, "I am crazy 4U!"

Now have them read what they wrote aloud!  Watch out for GIGGLES!😁

Reading: Have the students walk round the room and read a heart to five other students. This will be fun for them and enjoy the reading!


Now Think Out of The Box!

Ask this question: 

 How could they dissolve their hearts?

  • What would they need?
  • How fast would it take a heart to dissolve?
  • Do you need hot water or cold water?
  • Would the heart dissolve faster if it was crushed?
  • What could we use in the classroom to crush a heart?
I know you and your students will come up with many more ideas.   

These are just a few ideas to extend the curriculum while covering concepts!

Have Fun With It!😍

Happy Valentine's Day!


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