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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

I can't believe Halloween will be here on Monday!  Just can't believe it will be here in four days.   I loved using the theme of Halloween, using objects for counting in class.

   I would buy spider and bat rings,   and the students would put them on their fingers to practice addition and subtraction facts.  They loved using this hands on approach to practice their facts.

   We used Halloween vocabulary in many ways to enhance our writing, learning words, alphabetical order, and just having fun acting out the characters.

   When I taught fifth grade we made a list of Halloween words for each letter of the alphabet.  These charts were hung around the room for writing inspiration.  (Think Thanksgiving for November!)

To help you along here are a few of my Halloween and Autumn Math and Reading Products.  Check them out:  Here are some of my free products, if you like them, check out the other ones too!

Halloween Sentence to Picture Match Noun Sort Noun Sort Two


Have a GREAT HALLOWEEN and a Wonderful AUTUMN!


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  1. Great Halloween theme teaching ideas. Thank you for sharing!