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Monday, 2 May 2016

Welcome May!

I can't believe it is already May.  Where have these days gone.  This is the time of year, teachers are thinking about summer vacation, students want to be outside, and instead many are inside taking tests.

    In my school division, they tested for three weeks.   This meant that my first graders never had any art, music, PE, or library during that time.  We also were not able to go out to the playground.  We had to be quiet.  I really don't think parents realize how standardized testing affects the whole school environment.

   So what did I do.  We had to have fun activities in the class.  I would do units on a theme, which involved art, music, classroom PE, and many, many books.  One theme I loved was teaching about birds.   I would focus on the birds native to our area, like cardinals, blue jays, robins, etc.   There are a wealth of resources for units on birds.

    Along with this we would create a class book.  Each child would do a report on one bird, (could be any animal, state,)  and would write a short report.  I would type them up, they would create a picture, and then, VOILA!  we would put them together for a class book.

Another idea is to do a biography of their mother or father.  Asking their parents about what they liked about school, games they played, what they didn't like, and possibly adding a picture of the person from their youth.  This made another great book!

   Of course an author tea would follow, later in the month with parents and others to come and listen to them read their page, and share their books.   At the end there was a page for autographs,too.  

    Students would also spend a day cooking the desserts for this tea.   Making decorations, and a bookmark for their guests to take home.

   I did invest in a portable microphone, so everyone could hear them reading their page.

These are just a few ideas you might want to try to enrich your last days in school.  

To get you excited about May and Teacher Appreciation Week, Teachers Pay Teachers is having a site sale, May 3-4, with the promo code CELEBRATE.  Add their 10% with my 20% off and get the best bargain!

Check out this fun game I made which practices reading while the students are actively engaged with sorting CVC words.

Match The Trash:   CVC Word Family Activities

Here are Three of My Favorite Wish Listed:
Noun Sort
Teacher feedback:  A great activity to recognize and sort nouns.

Wishlist Two:

I appreciate that you labelled the trains with matching letters. This will make it easy for students to clean up afterwards!

To get ready for Fall!

A great way to learn about leaves, and practice science and math skills too.

 I am attaching a link to you for a linky party in which you might find a product you are looking for.  Go to: 

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